Thrift Find: Sunday Morning Breakfast by Walasse Ting

I was just sitting there minding my business eating a bagel on a Sunday morning when a friend of mine sent me a message on Instagram letting me know she spotted this massive, colorful piece of art at our local Goodwill in Akron.

Stunned by how beautiful it was, this thrift find meant I needed to drop everything to race down there to get it. I had the perfect place for it above my couch. And for $35, I just had to have it.

I assumed it would have been gone by the time I made it down to Goodwill. But there she was, all 6ft of her colorful beauty, waiting for me.

I wasn’t sure who the artist was, but another friend on Instgram did a little digging and found out that the artist is named Walasse Ting and the piece is called Sunday Morning Breakfast.

How fitting, since I learned about it while eating breakfast on a Sunday morning.

A rainbow explosion of women, cats, and coffee all found at Goodwill. I can’t think of better art for my thrifty home.

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