Splurge or Secondhand?

Making secondhand shopping a lifestyle will give you room in your budget to splurge on things that you can’t thrift or on experiences that mean a lot to you. Here are five things I think about before I splurge on something:

• Quality: I always ask myself what’s the cost per wear? How much use will you get out of it in the next year?

• The source: if something is locally or ethically made, it might be worth spending the extra cash.

• Personal or sentimental value: sometimes items that just sit on a shelf or get tucked away in a box are worth the splurge because they carry a value far beyond the price tag. Also, sometime self-care is worth the splurge.

• Convenience: Will splurging on the item or experience free up some time in a busy schedule? I like to splurge on conveniences I can’t thrift because the value I receive in return is priceless. For example, I am willing to splurge on meal and grocery conveniences because they are convenient and free up valuable time to spend with my daughter.

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Favorite places to splurge on wide calf boots

Dina’s favorite places to buy rugs online: rugsusa and eSale rugs

Pink Hotline Thrift Store 

Dina’s kitchen rug

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