The only thing thrifters love more than finding treasures?
Talking about finding treasures.


Thanks, it’s Thrifted is a celebration of thrifting and the bond it created between two treasure-hunting friends. This monthly podcast is hosted by Dina and Shannon, two lifelong thrifters who are committed to sharing the cost, creative, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping. Come for the tips, stay for the laughs.

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Shannon and Dina wearing matching rainbow print skirts and pink shirt

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Meet The Hosts

Shannon and Dina wearing matching rainbow print skirts and pink shirt


Dina and Shannon met while working for the same nonprofit organization over a decade ago. Their friendship officially began when Shannon discovered that Dina’s work outfits were all from thrift stores. What started off as a casual conversation between two strangers standing around the copy machine, ended up being a lifelong friendship built on humor, love, and of course, secondhand shopping.

Shannon is a high school teacher, excellent baker, and a creative crafter. Her thrifting journey started as a kid garage sale hopping with her aunt. She knows her way around a yard sale and isn’t afraid to haggle to get the best deal. She is a passionate advocate for the Deaf community and chooses happiness every day.

Dina loves color, affordable style, and not taking herself too seriously. She started thrifting at age 13 to replicate what she was seeing in Delia’s magazines. She believes that #thefutureisthrift and strives to help people make secondhand become second nature through her blog and workshops.

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Thanks, it’s Thrifted podcast is accepting sponsors for 15, 30, or 60 second slots. Please contact us for a rate sheet.