Rating Our Thrift Purchases

We’ve thrifted some gems over the years, but not all of our finds have been winners. We’re rating some of our secondhand purchases on today’s episode. Scroll down for some of the items we mentioned on the podcast:

Art Deco Hutch

I’ve come across hundreds of hutches while thrifting but never found one that I truly loved. Until this one. This one spoke to my personal style, was in excellent condition, looks beautiful in my home, and was priced right at only $50. Plus, it’s practical and functional. Priceless! 10/10.

Christian Dior Trench Coat

I thrifted this many years ago for a great price but I’ve never worn it and it needs to be dry-cleaned. It’s men’s size so it’s big and boxy and I only thrifted it because it was a classic designer piece. It’s been collecting dust in my coat closet for years. I give this purchase a 6/10.

Vintage Picnic Basket

I thought this basket was absolutely adorable, especially since it came with all of the pieces you need for a picnic. I’ve never used it and it takes up a lot of space. I’ll probably only ever use it for a photo shoot. 5/10.

Frayed Jeans

I bought these on Poshmark three years ago and have worn them dozens and dozens of times. In fact, I love them so much I often browse Poshmark to save a backup pair for later. 10/10.

Y2K Floral Clock

I recently thrifted this early 2000s flower clock and painted it green. I love it! But boy is it a loud ticking clock. Minus two stars for the loud, anxiety-inducing ticking. 8/10.

Tune into the podcast for more thrift store ratings!

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