DIY: Decorating with Vintage Wooden Hangers

Oh look, more sheet music on Dina’s Days.

When I decorated my dressing room I decided to go for a something really girly by framing sheet music covers of beautifully illustrated women from the 1920s. Then, in the middle of the night the frames kept falling because the double sided adhesive strips I was using were not as sticky as I’d thought. I got tired of thinking I was hearing a gun shot go off every time one of the frames fell to the floor so instead opted for this awesome idea I found on Pinterest to display my vintage girls. I added wooden hangers to my thrift wish list and found them at none other than Givits for $1 a piece. I thought it would be appropriate to use the hangers in my dressing room but you could do this with any picture or art in any room. I absolutely loved this idea!

 I love to collect and decorate with vintage sheet music. Interested in browsing additional decorating ideas? 
Try these: 
 Framed sheet music 
Sheet music coffee table 
Sheet music vintage crate

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