Coffee Popsicles

I made iced coffee for my sisters and mom and accidentally left the pitcher in the freezer. When I took it out, it looked really tasty frozen for whatever reason and decided to try to make coffee popsicles. These were good! If you like iced coffee, this basically tastes exactly the same except frozen. If anything, they look cool and are fun for a party. I didn’t have any popsicle molds so I just used a glass. Next time I will fill the cup only half way because these were a little too large for the average mouth. I used french vanilla coffee for added flavor!


What you need to do:

Brew coffee
Let it cool for a few minutes
Add creamer & sugar
Pour into molds or glasses
Freeze for about 3-4 hours then insert popsicle stick
Freeze for another 3-4 hours or overnight
When removing the popsicle: dip mold or glass in warm water for 40 seconds and then pull popsicle straight out. Don’t move side to side.

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