Carmen Miranda Costume

October’s thrift challenge was not only a Halloween theme but it was a special reader’s challenge! We asked you to submit your adult thrifted costumes to Dina’s Days and kids costumes to Something to be Found to win a prize. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!

For this challenge, I set out to thrift my Carmen Miranda costume, also known as Lady with the Tutti Frutti Hat.  This was a ridiculously fun costume to thrift because I love anything bold and I already owned about 90% of the pieces. First, I shopped my closet and wore an embellished bra that I featured in my Moroccan Holiday collection and paired it with the green skirt that Katie wore to the fashion show this year; both thrifted. I piled on the necklaces like Carmen and busted out my box of bangles for an arm party. The fact that I already own this stuff is sort of frightening.

The fruit hat was the most fun. The thrift store always carries vases of fake fruit for some reason. I scored this hideous vase at Goodwill for $3.80. After spending an hour or so disinfecting the fake fruit I created a hat by attaching the fruit to my turban; also thrifted.


Voila! I’m ready for a tropical party.



The Details: 
Fruit Hat: DIY from a fake fruit vase | Thrifted | Goodwill | $3.80
Necklaces & Bracelets: Already owned; some thrifted some not
Bra: Thrifted | Village Discount Outlet  | $4
Skirt: Thrifted | Salvation Army | $5
Shoes: Target | $10
Scarf: Thrifted | $1

Now let’s get to the awesome reader submissions!

Tina from Akron, Ohio: Nintendo Controller

She made this entire Nintendo controller costume out of foam wood, duct tape, and paint!


Jenniva,  Akron ( Elastigirl

Jenniva’s kids wanted to be The Incredibles for Halloween so she thrifted, shopped her closet, and DIY’d her Elastigirl costume. She thrifted the shirt, already owned the leggings and boots, made the tutu out of tulle fabric, and the symbol out of felt fabric.

Abby, Akron ( Rosie the Riveter

Abby thrifted, swapped, and thrifted her way through to create this costume.  She is wearing a jumpsuit she bought at a charity shop in France for 5 Euros, a hand-me-down shirt, swapped boots, and borrowed bandana – for a total of $6.35!



I loved every single one of these! A winner will be chosen at random to win this prize and will be announced on Halloween day. Head over to Something to be Found to see how Katie thrifted costumes for her kids and to see her reader submissions!

Thanks again to these creative ladies for participating!
Click here to read about the Thrift Challenge 

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