Beauty Review: Conair Hot Air Brush

girl with blow dryer

I usually use a round brush when I blow dry my hair so I was excited to find the Conair Hot Air Brush on sale recently. It’s a great 2-in-1 alternative to what I’ve been doing all along. The brush releases hot air and can be used to straighten, curl, wave and add volume, body and shape. It comes with two attachments: the 1.5 inch curling brush and a 1-inch bristle brush. It has two speeds (low and high). Keep reading for my review:

Great for DIY blowouts at home

It works beautifully to achieve full, smooth results, especially on damp hair.

My hair doesn’t get caught in it.

I was worried this would happen because of my long hair but so far so good!

It’s not as powerful as a traditional blow dryer…

…but it also doesn’t claim to be one either. It dried and styled my hair fairly quickly – and I have a lot of hair. If it’s not powerful enough for your hair, you can dry your hair with a traditional dryer and then use the hot brush while your hair is about 10% damp to add volume.

I don’t know how people get the hot brush to curl their hair

There are lots of great tutorials online showing how you can use the brush to curl or wave your hair but I haven’t been able to achieve those results. I definitely see some volume, but no actual waves.

Can be used on dry hair

I apply dry shampoo on second-day hair and use this brush to fluff things up. It actually works better in this case than a regular blow dryer because the brush really gets in there and creates volume.

It’s lightweight and perfect for traveling or on-the-go styling

It’s super lightweight and has dual voltage for travelers!

It’s a great price

You really can’t beat that drugstore price for an everyday styling tool

Shop the Conair Hot Air Brush on Walmart ($20) or Amazon ($35)

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