Succulent Display

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking up different ways to display succulents. Why are they so pretty?! I can’t handle how cute they are. Because my theme for the Goodwill fashion show was based on plants and flowers, I set up a build-your-own-bouquet table at the first fitting for my models and gave them all succulents at the final fitting. I found so many pretty ones at Lowe’s and then headed to the Salvation Army to try to find bright mugs or teacups to display them in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind and was running out of time so I opted for these glasses instead. What are they? Dessert glasses? I don’t know but either way I was very happy with the results, I thought they looked pretty cool on a tray.




How do you like to display your succulents?