Handpicked by Dina’s Days: A Curated Corner at Goodwill

My mission on my blog Dina’s Days has always been to encourage others to embrace the world of secondhand shopping. Realizing that doesn’t come easy to a lot of people and understanding that secondhand stores still leave many people feeling overwhelmed, I try to think of new ways to ease my readers into the process of thrifting – it is a learned skill after all!  With that in mind, we transformed a corner at the Goodwill Waterloo location and filled it with hundreds of items I handpicked (literally) for women, men, and kids from Goodwill Akron for you to shop and enjoy. The goal of the event was to encourage customers (especially new and beginner thrifters!) to see the potential at thrift stores. Best part is that all of the items were regular Goodwill prices, with the exception of one small new goods rack.

As I selected items for this event, I sought inspiration from some of my favorite brands, celebrities, and magazines. I searched for everyday, wearable pieces with a little extra flair like unexpected accents, beautiful silhouettes, bright colors, and airy fabrics.

Dozens of customers shopped the event this past weekend and went home with some great finds.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support secondhand and thank you to Goodwill Akron for trusting me to curate your store! We have plans for another event this fall, stay tuned!

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