Yellow Leather Jacket

I was about five minutes into the first episode of the new season of Girls when I spotted Lena Dunham’s striking yellow leather jacket. Knowing it might take some time to find this jacket at the thrift store, I immediately hopped on Amazon to see if I could find an affordable version. By the time the episode ended, I  had already placed my order and pinned about a dozen ways to wear my new yellow purchase.

Ah, technology.

I’m trying to make note of my favorite and not so favorite purchases this year so I can continue to focus on building a practical wardrobe. This jacket is eaisly one of my best puchases this year. Since it arrived a few weeks ago, I’ve already worn it half a dozen times and have big plans for it this spring. I love that it’s comfy, easy to style, and yet still interesting. I highly recommend this jacket! It runs small, so definitely order at least one size up.

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Jacket | Amazon | Shop exact
Jeans | American Eagle | Shop exact
Shirt | Thrifted | 75 cents
Boots | c/o Boohoo | Shop exact

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