World Market Furniture Sale

When I’m not thrifting home decor items, I’m at World Market! When we moved into our new home this summer, I found myself popping over there or browsing online quite a bit, especially when we decided on global inspired decor for living room (see the photo of our living room above). I get a lot of questions about the bench in our living room and although that was a lucky Home Goods find, the Santa Maria collection at World Market is somewhat similar. Furniture is 40% off now through the end of the month and since I can’t buy everything I couldn’t resist pulling my favorite picks to share here for others to enjoy! I own a few of these items, including the hair pin dining table and the six-piece world map set (which literally took us six months to hang up – anyone else lazy when it comes to hanging artwork?) Be sure to sign up for their rewards if you haven’t already, I get discounts all the time!

Let me know what you love!

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