Wear What You Love

“As a woman, I think we try to kind of fit in, hide almost. When I think of color, I think of “you’re taking up more space”, you’re drawing attention to yourself. You’re saying “hey, I’m here.” Do you ever feel like if you’re going to an important meeting you need to tone it down? Have you ever felt out of place because of what you’ve had on?”

Shannon, my co-host and friend recently asked me this question when we were discussing the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge on the podcast. It was a great discussion and one I never really talked about before.

The short answer yes, but also no.

The long answer:

I’m naturally drawn to color and print. I always joke that it’s in my DNA. Despite that, sometimes I’ll hear that voice inside telling me I need to “tone things down” for a meeting or event, and then I quickly have to remind myself that all this color and pattern is a reflection of my individuality. It’s where I feel most comfortable, most confident, and the most happy.

So next time you hear that voice telling you to tone it down, pull out that bright yellow sweater and wear what you love.

For more on how to wear and love color, tune into the Allow Us To Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves podcast.

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