Vacation Style: Cropped Tops & Maxi Skirts

I’m a planner.  I over think and over plan things so taking a spontaneous trip to New Orleans before I started my new job was exactly what I needed. With the temperatures in the 80s down South, I threw neatly folded several thrifted maxis in the suitcase to wear with this one black cropped top.

Friends and blog readers ask me all the time “what’s the best thing you’ve ever thrifted?” I’ve tried so hard to narrow it down but it’s like choosing a favorite child (drama).  BUT, if I had to narrow it down to a short list, this skirt would make the cut.  It was light, breezy, and totally comfortable. Not to mention, IT COST $3.50! The thrift store is the best place to shop for maxi skirts, there are so many old styles that are coming back or you can even find newer styles like this one.

The shoes I planned on wearing broke when I got down there so I opted for the only other pair I packed. I hardly packed any jewelry, hence the lack of any type of accessory in this outfit, which is also very unlike me. Total rebel. 

New Orleans is a fantastic place to visit!

Have you ever been? 
{cropped top, thrifted, $8
maxi skirt, thrifted, $3.50
shoes, old, price unknown}
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