Turning a Spare Room Into a Dressing Room or Walk-In Closet Part II

When I moved into my apartment two years ago, I recruited my friend to help me turn my den into a walk-in closet / dressing room and shared it on the blog. Since then, that post has been the most read post in the history of Dina’s Days with hundreds of repins on Pinterest – thank you! Because of that, I thought it was only natural to share Part II. One of my priorities while house hunting with my husband was to be able to replicate this project in our new home. Honestly, I was so spoiled with the first dressing room, I couldn’t imagine not having one again. Luckily for me, one of the rooms in our new house is too small to be a spare bedroom and we didn’t really feel the need to turn it into an office, so dressing room it is.

And this is where the hard work came in. Because we had found a house that we loved so much, as well as one that we could turn into a walk-in closet, we had to find a way to move all our possessions from our old property over to our new one. We had heard from many people that somewhere like this Atlanta moving company (https://www.atlantahomemovers.com/) were the go-to people to get in touch with when you want the reassurance that your belongings are in safe hands. They looked great and we just knew that they will be the perfect people to help us. Once all our stuff had finally found its way to this beautiful home, we had the hard task of unpacking it and storing it in its new space.

A smaller space meant a lot of improvising. I had to cut back on the number of clothing racks and really get rid of things I wasn’t wearing. Although I miss the hardwood floors in my old dressing room, I’m absolutely loving all the natural light in this new room. Plus, a smaller room means it doesn’t get as messy. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for a list of the products I used to create a dressing room.

Clothing Racks & Hangers
First, I upgraded clothing racks since Part I and bought the two rod racks. The white ones were very flimsy and didn’t work well for a lot of clothes. I combined shirts on the same rack where they used to be on two separate ones. I also combined skirts and jeans on the same rack to save space. I’m still using the velvet hangers and discovered you can get two for $1 at the Dollar Tree. My rule is: I can’t have more clothing than hangers. If I buy something and it doesn’t have a velvet hanger, I have to get rid of something else. I haven’t had to replace velvet hangers in two years!

I still like to organize items by style first, then color. So for example: all sleeveless tops go together, organized by color. As opposed to everything sorted by color regardless of style. It looks more cohesive this way.

If you’re going to go the DIY way and not building racks and shelving units, I recommend lining up the racks against the wall, creating a boutique-like setting. It frees up a lot of space.


The new room is way too small to have a piece of furniture in the center so I got rid of a lot of accessories that were housed in different areas and created an accessory wall. What you see is what you get! No more jewelry in boxes that I forgot about. I was so tired of having too many necklaces hanging from the same hook so I utilized the bust form by pinning necklaces all over. It’s actually working out well so far! The clutches are still in the desk cubby although I highly recommend investing in a bigger and more functional cubby. I got rid of the DIY brown ring tray and dumped all my rings on my mirror perfume tray. I think this is prettier!


Bulky statement necklaces hung on wall with thumb tacks. You could even use fancy drawer hardware to hang accessories


Craigslist bust form using pins to hang necklaces
thrifted ring tray

I’m loving my thrifted utility shoe racks. I was so happy when they fit perfectly in the new space. I added big and bulky clutches behind the shoes both for functionality and for decor. I think the colorful shoe rack is my favorite thing about the new dressing room; it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and who doesn’t love color!


Sweaters, Blazers & Belts
I stored sweaters and blazers in other closets throughout the house and will bring them out in the winter. I used the velvet scarf hangers for belts and hung them in a closet.

The room is so small I felt like adding anything to the walls would just look cluttered so I kept it really simple by hanging two of my sheet music hangings, seen here. I also like to use the clothes as decoration by hanging a vintage piece of clothing on my door and swapping it out every few months for a new look. Here, I used my orange 1960s thrifted vintage dress for a burst of color.


I hope this helps you as you plan to transform a room into a dressing room. It has helped me cut down on spending by utilizing everything that I already own. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. Thanks for taking a tour of my thrifted closet!

What I used:

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