Torn and embellished

I’ve always had this weirdness with distressed denim; I like they way they look but can’t wrap my mind around buying something that’s ripped. Plus, I’ve never been really good at the whole DIY distressed denim thing. Luckily for me, after a little persistence, I found these jeans for 75 cents at the thrift store last week. One of my favorite ways to wear distressed denim is to juxtapose it with something chic and somewhat dressy on top, so I paired it with a $2 embellished top that still had the tags attached. All in all this was one thrifty outfit! You can see it in action in the New Day Cleveland clip here.

The Details:
Top | Thrifted in Akron| $2
Jeans | American Eagle, thrifted in Akron| 75 cents
Shoes | Gabe’s | $5
Sunglasses | Marc’s | $1


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