Thriftspired: Taylor Swift Burgundy Pants

This week’s thriftspired look is inspired by Taylor Swift and the theme for the #ABCsofThrifting challenge is T is for Trend, so I’m wearing burgundy / wine colored pant. I can’t get enough of clothes that reflect fall’s hues. These are the most versatile pants ever! I’ve already worn them several ways.

The easiest way to replicate your favorite celebrity looks is to thrift staples. If you notice, there isn’t anything extraordinary about what Taylor Swift is wearing in this look. It’s a totally an attainable outfit. The key is to take an extra moment or two to seek inspiration for your favorite pieces. I simply searched for “burgundy pants” and came across her outfit and realized I owned literally everything she’s wearing. I would have never thought to wear plaid with plaid and honestly forgot I even owned this jacket. Also, I tend to struggle with ideas on what to do with thin scarves and she nailed this easy and effortless knot.

We tend to expect ideas to just pop in our heads every morning when we get dressed, but just like anything else we do, we have to be a little intentional and deliberate to make the most out of the things we own and buy.


Scarf | Thrifted | $1
Jacket | Old Navy, thrifted | $5
Shirt | J.Crew, thrifted from Goodwill on State Rd | $4
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans| sale $15
Boots | Vintage, thrifted | Village Discount Outlet 75 cents
Sunglasses | Charlotte Russe | $2 clearance bin


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