Thriftspired by: Rihanna 70s Vibes

Faux shearling made a pretty huge comeback this fall and winter and I’m totally digging these 70s vibes.  I picked this coat up knowing it had potential but not quite sure if I could pull it off, but knew I’d figure it out because at 75 cents it had to go home with me. At first I thought I was channeling Kirsten Dunst in season two of Fargo but then came across this picture of Rihanna on Pinterest and knew I could thrifticate her outfit with my new coat.

One of the questions I hear all the time is how I find things for 75 or 50 cents. It’s simple: I research the sales each thrift store offers in the area and I shop on those specific days. For example,  I know that the Village Discount Outlet has dollar, 75 cent, and 50 cent days every week. I try to thrift only on those days and only buy the items that are part of the sale price. In other words, if the sale on Sunday is $1 on a select color tag (let’s say the sale tag is yellow), then I only buy things that have a yellow price tag.

After a while of doing this, you will be able to build a wardrobe where the majority of your clothes only cost 50 cents or a $1 a piece.

So whether your local thrift store offers 75 cent day or not, you can still do some variation of this. Simply research the weekly or daily specials your thrift stores offers by either stopping in, calling, or visiting their website. Then, develop a system where you only thrift shop on those days to get the best deals possible. Try to pass on items that aren’t part of the sale, unless it’s an incredible deal. Otherwise, stay focused on the items that are half off, $1 or whatever the deal is at your store.

I understand that some thrift stores offer better deals than others, and that Akron is extremely fortunate to have some of the best prices, so gauge this strategy based on the best deals in your area. What’s the thrift store in your area that offers the best sales? Start there.

The Details
Faux Shearling Coat | 75 cents| Village Discount Outlet (shop similar)
Shirt | Target | $12 (shop similar)
Jeans | Target | $13 (shop similar)
Boots | DSW (very old) (shop similar)
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