Thrifting a Graphic Tee

If the thrift store is known for anything, it’s known for graphic tees. Wearing a shirt with an interesting image or your favorite phrase is a great way to express yourself.  Graphic tees are a fun addition to any wardrobe that can easily be dressed up or down. That’s why we featured them as May’s prompt for the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge.

Thrifting a graphic tee is simple, just follow these tips when you’re shopping:

Look for an interesting print that speaks to your personal style and one you won’t regret wearing several years from now. I tend to avoid overly trendy styles and stick with subtle tees that represent my individual style.

Size up. Graphic tees look best when worn a bit loose for a casual chic look. Not only that, most graphic tees may have shrunk with the previous owner so be sure to try them on at Goodwill first.

Hunt for vintage. Graphic tees from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are especially unique so keep an eye out for cool graphics or band tees from these decades.

Touch. Soft tees are not only comfy but also look more polished than a regular, summer camp-type t-shirt.

Shop all sections. I’ve found some of the best tees in the men’s sections.

DIY. Elevate your favorite graphic tee by transforming it into an off-the-shoulder top or cut the neck out for a more relaxed look. This is especially nice if you find a men’s tee that’s too big, cut that thing up and make it your own!

My favorite way to style a tee is to dress it up with a skirt, jacket or statement necklace.  I found this tee at Goodwill Midway location in the little boys section and paired it with a blush faux leather jacket and my favorite heels.


Jeans | American Eagle | Shop Exact
Shirt | Goodwill Lakemore | Shop Exact
Jacket | Amazon | Shop Exact
Shoes | Amazon | Shop Exact

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