Thrifting a Cashmere Sweater


Assigning a cashmere sweater as the first prompt for the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge seems a little intimidating at first, but trust me on this one, cashmere is probably one of the easiest items to thrift on this list.

Finding the perfect treasure at Goodwill utilizes many of the senses, especially touch. Feeling the material is a key indicator of the value and quality of an item. That’s exactly how I’ve found every cashmere sweater I’ve thrifted. Cashmere is soft and delicate and will stand out immediately on a rack of sweaters. I instantly knew when I touched this gray sweater that it was cashmere, so don’t worry so much about having to read the tags when you’re hunting, just keep those hands moving!  

One of the main reasons we added cashmere to the list is because these items are built to last. In this photo, you can see three of probably a dozen ways I wore this $5 cashmere find last year. The neutral color made it easy to style, probably too easy to style considering I hardly ever took it off!


Caring for your cashmere is pretty simple. Although the tag says to dry clean only, I’ve always either hand washed mine or washed it in a mesh laundry sack and laid it flat to dry and it’s still in perfect condition. If you insist on dry cleaning yours, consider it an investment on the bargain you got by scoring your cashmere sweater at Goodwill.


Jacket: Noto North, $40
Sweater: Thrifted, $5
Jeans: Target, $30 (shop exact)
Boots: Thrifted, $7
Bag: Thrifted, $2

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