Wood Bowls & Floral Fabric

My plan was to take a week off from blogging to spend time focusing on a few major projects, but I couldn’t resist sharing recent finds from a quick thrift run. I went to the Village Discount Outlet to look for glass jars for pantry storage and was thrilled to find two things on my spring thrift wish list:

Wood bowls and a floral tablecloth.

I’ve wanted wood bowls ever since my college days living at my parents’ house.  I told myself as soon as I get my own place I will buy a set. Well, turns out they cost more than this thrifty girl likes to spend, even on Amazon, so onto the Thrift Wish List they went. I found a set of three handcrafted bowls for $2. My favorite thing about these bowls (besides the $2 price tag) is that they are slightly imperfect, and can be used both in the kitchen and for home decor.

Also, this $3 tablecloth is going to be perfect for spring entertaining and dining. Plus, I love using fabric as backdrops for blog photos as seen here!

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