Thrift Thursday: Wind Up Alarm Clock

A wind-up alarm clock has been on my thrift wish list  for months. We used to have these when we were kids and my sisters and I hated them because they scared the crap out of us when the alarm went off. As an adult and hoarder thriftaholic, I love the way the look. I found one at the Village Discount Outlet for $2 that actually works, you just won’t ever find me setting the alarm. Also, in honor of Thrift Thursday, I want to share a special collaboration announcement! Local blogger and thrift / home decor genius, Katie from Something to be Found and I will be starting a Thrift Challenge next month. Once a month, Katie will select a look and will challenge me to replicate the outfit using thrifted pieces. I will then select a DIY project or home decor idea for Katie to re-produce using thrifted materials or finds. We will then share our results with you on our blogs and social media platforms. We’re both really excited to share our love for bargain hunting and styling through this challenge.  Plus, I think I’ve found my thrifting soulmate. As this challenge evolves, we hope to involve our readers and possibly coordinate a local thrift event with Goodwill, so stay tuned!

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