Vintage Sheet Music

I have a slight obsession with album covers and sheet music. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will find that I have a “Favorite Album Covers” board, and often times I will  buy a record simply because I fell in love with the cover (hoarder much?). There’s something extraordinarily special about sheet music, however. During my thrifting excursions, I always find beautifully designed sheet music from the 1920s and 30s. Recently, I found these two at Givits for $1 a piece. I’ve purchased sheet music in the past from other antique stores but never found anything this cool. I love to frame sheet music covers and hang them around my house, so stay tuned to see where I put these beauties next week.


How amazing is the title of this song?  Oh My Sweet Hortense (She ain’t good lookin’ but she’s got good sense) is from 1921, and Girl of Mine  by Harold Freeman from 1919 and is selling for $25 on etsy. Pretty sure I got a good deal paying $1. Now if only I can learn how to read and play music!

And what’s even more amazing is this sweet video that I found on YouTube. I love her!


What else could you do with vintage sheet music besides framing it? Have any ideas to share?

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