The World’s Best Fairy Tales

I’ve mentioned this before: some of my best finds happen when I’m in a rush or almost talk myself out of thrifting. I found the Reader’s Digest’s The World’s Greatest Fairy Tales at the Goodwill in Akron and instantly knew it would be the perfect coffee table read. I was wondering why it was exceptionally busy in there that night and it was because it was customer appreciation day, which meant an additional 35% off my purchase! The other night I read the story of Aladdin {aloud} to my friend and we laughed hysterically at some of the ridiculous parts in the tale – but it was really good! Did you know that Aladdin and the One Thousand and One Nights stories were written around 1706?! The original folk tale is completely different than the Disney movie, obviously.  You know, because they weren’t going to threaten to behead people in the cartoon and all.  This book was printed in the 1960s and has a handwritten note in the front that reads “Christmas, 1967.” I love when that happens, I always wonder who that person could have been, if they are still alive or even in the area. I’m really looking forward to reading all of these tales.

Share one of your favorite fairy tales!
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