Mason Jar Gum Ball Machine


This has to be one of the funniest thrift finds yet. I kept looking at this thing at the thrift store thinking: “is this really what I think it is?” This was the perfect purchase for me because I have a thing for gum ball machines and missed out on one that I really wanted when I went to the Seville village yard sales. Because I’m the most indecisive person in the world,  I hemmed and hawed over a really cool $8 gum ball machine at one of the sales. Not because I didn’t want it – I loved it – I was just afraid of becoming a hoarder. So I said, let’s make our rounds and if it’s still here, it’s meant to be. Well, it was gone. And I talked about it and how I should “trust my gut instinct!”  all day long. 

So when I found this one a few months later, I knew I had to get it. Someone, apparently by the name of Erin, made this in what looks like in 1994. Maybe in shop class? Who knows! I really wanted to paint it yellow but was tired of spending money on paint when I already had about 6 cans left over, so I settled for Design Master’s Raspberry Satin paint. Aside from the fact that this gum will practically rot your teeth and the taste goes away 20 seconds later, I think I find this gum ball machine more exciting that my little niece and nephew do.

I hope Erin M. knows that her project is in good hands now.

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