Thrift Finds: $11 Haul

I always try to find what I need at the thrift store before I head to a regular retail store, and I just love when I’m able to cross things off my thrift wish list. I stopped into the Goodwill on State Road after work one day just to sort of unwind from the workweek. I really wasn’t in the mood to spend any money so I set a limit of $10. Every single thing I bought was something on my to-buy list:

$2.80 Throw Pillow: Why are throw pillows so expensive? You easily need 2-4 to spruce up a space and they start at $15 a piece. That’s just insane. So I always look at the thrift store first. To clean, I spray with Lysol and then wash in scalding hot water. It’s even easier when the cover zips right off.

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$2 Vintage Peter Pan Collar Shirt: Goodwill on State was bursting with vintage clothing that day. I couldn’t resist this Peter Pan collar shirt.

$2 candle: Inspired by Pinterest, I’m in the process of filling our fireplace with white candles. This is an expensive project if you try to do it by shopping at a regular retail store so I’ve set a limit of $2 max per candle and always look for white ones when I’m out thrifting.

$1 plush slippers: These hotel-like slippers were brand new and feel like I’m walking on a cloud! No more barefeet on the hardwood floors. To clean shoes or slippers, throw them in the washer if you can. spray with Lysol, or wipe with a Clorox wipe.

$4 computer chair (not pictured): Furniture was half off that day so I snagged a computer chair for our office.

Total $11.80, only $1.80 over budget!

Want to become a better thrifter? Come to our next Thrift Night Out class at Goodwill on Waterloo Rd. Details here.

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