Thrift Challenge No.6 Preview: Flower Letter

Last week, we revealed our fifth thrift challenge.  My readers and I thrifted an outfit that Katie (Something to be Found) picked out for us. Cookie and Susan brilliantly recreated a pink maxi and denim jacket outfit using all thrifted items and were both in the running to win a pretty necklace. A winner was chosen at random using and entry number 2 was the winner! Congratulations, Cookie!

Cookie won this necklace from Rings and Tings

Katie’s readers upcycled a chair and the results were unbelievable! If you that post doesn’t leave you inspired to create and paint, I don’t know what will! We started the thrift challenges on our blogs with the hopes of inspiring both ourselves and our readers to thrift shop. To catch up on everything that’s been happening with the challenges, click here!

For the month of June, we are going to switch things up a bit by reversing the roles. Katie challenged me to a DIY and she’s going to recreate an outfit I picked out for her. I’m going to thrift my way through this project and create a monogram flower display. Head on over to Something to be Found to see the super stylish outfit Katie will be thrifting. Stay tuned for the big reveal on June 25.

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