Thrift Challenge No. 4: Blush and Leather

We’re back with the fourth segment of our Thrift Challenge! For April, Katie challenged me to recreate this adorable brown leather and blush street style look. I love mixing soft pieces with tougher ones so I was really looking forward to this challenge.

I already owned a thrifted Forever 21 blush dress that I picked up at the Village for $4. I’ve been meaning to blog about it for months but never got around to it so you can imagine my excitement when Katie assigned this outfit! This dress used to hit my knees then I accidentally shrunk it but I happen to love it even more shorter.

I was planning on wearing this brown leather jacket with the dress until I found a tan faux leather jacket also at the Village half off for $9. I truly hit the jackpot with that one because there was no way I was buying it for $18. I’ve also been looking into ethically made handbags recently too so I’m hoping to find one that will go with this jacket.

Truthfully, I was nervous about the shoes because combat boots + my short legs in dresses = no go. The problem was instantly solved as soon as I found these booties at Goodwill for $5!

A couple confessions: I own an entire crate full of scarves and don’t own a simple white one. Second confession: I was slightly annoyed that the white scarf I did find at the Village cost $4. After you thrift for a while, you start to have these ridiculous expectations where you want everything to be $1. At any rate, I absolutely love the scarf.

Aside from successfully replicating this look with just $22, what I love most about these challenges is how creative it’s forced me to be when it comes to remixing my clothes.

I challenged Katie to recreate a monochromatic vignette. I can’t wait to see what she came up with. I was giving colorful succulents away as thank you gifts at our final fashion show fitting and now I know why Katie went straight for the yellow one! Let’s head over to Something to be Found to see her final results.

Be sure to check back tomorrow because we will be announcing the May reader challenges! You can participate and win a pretty prize.

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Jou Jou faux leather jacket | thrifted | $9 | Village Discount of Ohio
Scarf | thrifted | $4 | Village Discount of Ohio
Forever 21 dress | $4 | Village Discount of Ohio
Target boots | $5 | Goodwill in Canal Fulton

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