Thrift Challenge No. 11: Thrifting Wish Lists

It feels like we announced the November thrift challenge a year ago! This month Katie and I challenged each other to check things off our thrift wish lists. I really wanted a tartan pencil skirt, black and white striped dress, and leopard print boots. I was also helping out with a play this month so I wanted to find a few hats and shoes for the actors. To refresh your memory here’s what was on my list:

My thrifting adventures were a huge fail! Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Here’s what happened: I looked for a plaid pencil skirt everywhere and found nearly 100 of them but couldn’t find  exactly what I had in mind. I really want it to be tartan, not just any kind of plaid. Also, who knew there were so many wrap plaid skirts in the world? My heart skipped a beat when I found a skirt almost identical to the inspiration photo at the Salvation Army but it was so small it wouldn’t go past my big toe.

Then, I found a pair of new leopard print booties at the Village Discount Outlet, but of course they were for kids. I can usually get away with kids sizes but this just wasn’t gonna happen. Trust me, I tried shoving my foot in them many times.

I found an Ann Taylor striped dress that I thought I liked in the Salvation Army’s fitting room but absolutely hated when I got home. Good thing it was only $3 because that bad boy is going right back to the thrift store. The only success I had was finding a cabbie and straw hat for the play, Trail Magic. I also found shoes for the actor but she ended up using another pair she already owned.

So, moral of the story: persistence is key when thrifting and sometimes you just won’t find what you’re looking for – but you at least tried! I’m not going to stop until I find a fitted tartan skirt, dammit.

Katie had more luck than I did. Head over to Something to be Found to see which items she crossed off her list! Stay tuned for the December challenge next week.

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