Thrift Challenge No.11: Thrift Wish List

Happy Halloween! First and foremost, a winner was chosen via for the Halloween Thrift Challenge… congratulations to Elastigirl aka Jenniva! You won the Halloween thrift challenge. A huge ‘thank you’ to all of the participants; I admire your creativity!

For November, Katie thought it would be a good idea to share our thrift wish lists and attempt to check some things off. One of the most important tips that we teach in our workshops is to create a list while thrifting. It helps you stay organized and avoid buying things you don’t need.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m looking for:

  • Ranger Hat (for Trail Magic)
  • Beat up Keds (for Trail Magic)
  • Cabbie Hat (for Trail Magic)
  • Reporter Hat (for Trail Magic)
  • A fitted plaid pencil skirt 
  • A striped dress
  • Leopard print ankle boots

I bet you’re wondering why I have a ranger and reporter hat on my list. I teamed up with the super talented storytellers at Wandering Aesthetics to help out with the costumes for their upcoming productions. I’m working on finding items for their November performance titled Trail Magic, a story about Emma “Grandma” Gatewood who hiked the Appalachian Trail. Check them out on Facebook.

Head over to Something to be Found to see her thrift list! We will reveal the results at the end of November.

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