Thrift Challenge #2: Chambray + Sequins


The Gap chambray: Volunteers of America Thrift Store, Columbus $5 (already owned it)
Forever 21 skirt: The Village Discount of Ohio, Akron  $4
Tights: Simply Vera $4 (not thrifted)
Aldo pointed pumps: Salvation Army, Akron $2
Earrings: The Village Discount of Ohio, Akron $1
Copper bracelet: Givits, Hudson $4
Total: $20

When Katie challenged me to replicate the chambray and sequins girls night out look for the second installment of our Thrift Challenge, I really thought it was going to be an impossible task. Finding chambray shirts at the thrift store isn’t an issue,  it was the sequined skirt I was worried about. Thanks to mother nature, I scored an awesome skirt, new with tags, and successfully completed the challenge!

The day I found this skirt, I hysterically e-mailed Katie to tell her about my thrifting experience: I spent a good hour shuffling through the embellishments rack at the Village only to find beaded items and not sequins. I gave up for the day and considered amending the challenge a bit by improvising with a black beaded skirt when my bladder simply wouldn’t allow me to focus on neither beads nor sequins.

I hesitated to use the restroom at the thrift store but realized if I didn’t utilize the facilities then, I would most likely pee my pants on the way home. Well, apparently you have to be buzzed into the bathroom  so as I impatiently waited for someone to buzz me in, I was doing the pee pee dance, pacing back and forth and just happened to turn around. BAM, there it was; this sequined skirt sitting on a rolling rack just sparkling. I practically sprinted over to grab it, willing to take anyone or anything down with me if they someone tried to snatch it first. It still had its original Forever 21 tags on it ($28.50) and was half off $8! The thrifting gods were all around me that day.

Although not a pencil skirt like our inspiration photo, the full skirt I found speaks to my personal style. I love how spunky and fun it is. The blogger in the inspiration photo added a belt but I felt as though my side bow did all the talking here, so there was no need for a belt.


I finished off the look with a pair of $2 Aldo pointed pumps, and by adding tights (because it’s freezing outside), a swipe of red lipstick and earrings to match.  The only thing I forgot to do was roll up my sleeves – again, probably because I was freezing. Other than that, I’m ready for a girls night out!


I challenged Katie to recreate a beautiful vignette using a vintage fan and other decorating must haves. Just by following her blog, you will know that this vignette totally compliments her decorating style. This teaser photo is just killing me, I can’t wait to see the full reveal!  Head on over and see what she came up with here.

Love the #DKThriftChallenge? Next month we invite YOU as a reader to participate! Stay tuned on March 3rd for all of the details! 

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