Thrift Challenge #1: Polka Dots + Leopard Print

The Details:
Forever 21 Sweater $4 / Goodwill on Waterloo Rd, Akron
Polka Dot Blouse $2 / The Village Discount Outlet on State Rd, Akron
Jeans $13 / Gabe’s in Akron
Flats $3 / The Salvation Army in Akron
Watch, gift / Target
Necklace $10 / Kohl’s
Between thrift shopping to purchase these items and the countless pins, emails, spreadsheets, and texts between me and Katie, you can imagine how excited I am to for the #DKThriftChallenge reveal! The Thrift Challenge is way for us to get creative, encourage our readers to get out and thrift shop, and  prove that you can thrift shop even with a specific idea or look in mind.

For the first segment, Katie challenged me to recreate Shalice Noel’s mixed print look (who’s also an avid thrifter!) I loved this look because it’s an effortless, casual weekend outfit and I would have never thought to pair polka dots with leopard print.

I knew it wouldn’t be an issue to find a polka dot blouse because thrift stores usually carry a lot of 1980s and 1990s styles. I also guessed it would be simple enough to find a red sweater, it was the shoes I was worried about, but after a couple of trips I found these flats at The Salvation Army.

Although I think Shalice pulls it off very well, I don’t really wear torn jeans, so this slightly distressed pair from Gabe’s is typically as far as I’ll go with ripped denim. Though not thrifted, the jeans were still a steal at $13. I love mixing thrifted and non-thrifted items together so to finish off the look I added a bib necklace, and using Shalice’s photo as inspiration, a gold boyfriend watch.

I had so much fun shopping for Shalice’s look and putting my own spin on it. Now visit Katie’s blog to see what I challenged her with and how she recreated it!

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