Thanks, it’s Thrifted Podcast

Hi friends and listeners! Dina here with a very exciting message: we’re changing the name of the podcast from Allow Us to Rethriftroduce Ourselves to Thanks, it’s Thrifted.

We’re coming up on our third anniversary hosting this podcast, and when we launched in 2019 the title made perfect sense for us at that time. I had been blogging about thrifting and sustainability for 10 years so it felt like it was time to take the conversation to a new platform and “rethriftroduce” ourselves, if you will.

Since then we’ve covered dozens of topics related to second-hand style, home decor, and sustainability. But, we sort of outgrown the name. Thanks, it’s Thrifted seemed like a more natural fit for us. Plus, thrifters know they just love to tell everybody that their stuff was thrifted!

Here’s what to expect moving forward:

You don’t need to subscribe to a new podcast. Everything will remain the same in your feed and library. You can find the podcast on most major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and Google.

The content and hosts will remain the same. We will continue to bring on guest to discuss topics related to thrifting and secondhand.

Our Instagram handle is now @thankstisthrifted.pod. You don’t need to follow a new account, just look for that new handle popping up in your feed.

As always we are so thankful that you continue to tune in to hear us talk about thrifting week after week. Tell your friends to come for the tips and stay for the laughs!

Stay tuned for more from Thanks it’s Thrifted with Dina and Shannon.

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