Sheet Music Under Glass

If you’ve followed this blog over the last year or so, you will know I have a thing for collecting old sheet music from antique and thrift stores. I am drawn to album covers in general, but there’s something special about the original design of sheet music covers from the 1920s, 30s or 40s. I’ve framed them here and applied them to a crate here. I got the urge to change things up a bit in my living room after I took my Christmas tree down and felt as though I needed to swap out the fabric on my coffee table with something else, so I placed a few of the sheet covers that picked up from Givits a while back under the glass. It was a simple and inexpensive way to change things up while decorating with the things that I love.

PS) my favorite cover has to be All The Quakers Are Shoulder Shakers (Down in Quakertown) so naturally, I looked it up.

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