Sequins & Gingham

I found this $4 skirt at the Goodwill in Wadsworth on a whim. I was driving in a terrible storm tired, hungry, and my phone’s battery was dead. Despite all of these signs to keep on trucking home, I knew it would be my only opportunity to shop at this location in a while, so I made the brave decision to stop in. I’m so glad I did! I knew this skirt would come in handy around the holidays, especially New Year’s Eve. There’s something about sequins and plaid or gingham that work well together. The contrast in the textures and patterns balance each other out, especial if there’s a common color theme. 



Outfit details:
Skirt | H&M | Goodwill Wadsworth | $4
Shirt | JCrew| Goodwill on State Rd | $4
Shoes | Goodwill Waterloo | $2

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This post was originally featured on the Goodwill Akron blog. Click here to read more. 
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