Secrets + Stripes


I’m going to go ahead and reveal several secrets related to this post, with the first one being that I bought this shirt from Wal-Mart a good 13 years ago when I was in the 10th grade. The fact that I still have it tells me I’m either a hoarder or stripes never go out of style. Secondly, this outfit came together because both the shirt and cardigan happened to be on the floor of my dressing room during an exceptionally messy week for me. I happened to glance at the floor and thought, huh, that’s a nice combination, and bam this casual office outfit was born. Wide leg jeans are another staple I own and will never stop wearing, even 13 years from now. Lastly, this is my first style post sans braces! If you follow on Instagram, you may remember I got them removed in November and although I’m rocking a retainer 24-7, I’m so happy I went through with it at this age.



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