Remixed Thrift: Lace and Wide Leg Jeans

inspiration photo via The Lookbook Store and Andee Layne

Last year, Katie and I featured a monthly Thrift Challenge series where we selected an outfit or project from Pinterest and replicated it using thrifted items. This year, I’m on a serious mission to focus on a quality over quantity mantra and really make use of items I already own. So rather than seeking outfits on Pinterest first then thrifting them, I’m selecting thrifted items that don’t get enough wear from my closet and finding ways to style them. I’m calling this reverse approach the Remixed Thrift Challenge and I encourage you to try it with your own closets by identifying items in your closet you love but don’t wear that often, search for it on Pinterest and pin ideas on how to bring these clothes back to life.

First up, these J.Crew wide leg jeans also featured here and here. I absolutely love these jeans but don’t wear them often because they require a super duper high platform heel that isn’t realistic for every day wear.  I was so surprised when I found this image on Pinterest long after I bought the jeans and shirt and I loved giving them new life.

Not only did I already own the wide leg jeans, but also a shirt very similar to the white cut out shirt the model is wearing for the Lookbook Store. I would have never thought to pair these two together because I thought it would be too boxy but it worked well with a messy tuck.

The Details:
Jeans | J.Crew from Goodwill on State Rd in Akron | $5
Shirt | Forever 21 from Goodwill on State Rd in Akron | $3
Purse | Target from Goodwill at Midway Plaza in Akron | $3
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