I took my Real Simple magazine to the thrift store to see if I can replicate some of the featured trends. Ever since baby was born and returning back to work full-time, I’ve been “power thrifting” a lot more on my lunch break lately. Let me tell you: shopping with a list and a limited amount of time saves so much time and money. I was razor-focused on my list and found everything in less than 30 minutes. If this is what you can find in less than an hour, imagine what you can find if secondhand shopping became a lifestyle.

Leopard Print Shoes

I found a cart-full immediately upon arriving!

Leather Dresses

If leather dresses aren’t your thing, try a faux suede dress, crushed velvet, or even a simple leather skirt.

Oversize Tote

Double Breasted Blazers

The 80s are back in full force! The blazers I found weren’t exactly double breasted, but very similar in print. Wear boxy blazers with skinny jeans to elongate the look.

Hoop Earrings

I didn’t realize hoop earrings ever went out of style?! I never stopped wearing them!


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