Thrift Challenge No. 5 Reveal: Pink Maxi and Denim

I’ve been saying the same thing for last five months on Thrift Challenge reveal day: I am so excited. I can’t think of anything more creative to say because it’s just that – exciting! This month, Katie challenged me to recreate a look that we borrowed from the beautiful Running on Happiness blog. I challenged Katie and her readers to repurpose a chair. Let’s check out how my readers styled their looks then we can head over to to see what Katie and her DIYers have in store!

This outfit was actually pretty easy to recreate because everything featured can easily be found at the thrift store, especially maxi skirts and denim jackets. I already owned the denim jacket and the clutch (seen here).
I forgot to add bracelets but you can rest assured that I’m hoarding boxes of thrifted ones in my closet. Instead, I finished the look with a beaded necklace that I’ve owned for years as well as a beaded belt I got at Gabe’s probably 10 years ago that is easily one of my all time favorite bargain finds. I could have added a thrifted belt but this beaded business just needed to happen.




I found a $4 old school JCPenney maxi at the Village Discount Outlet in Akron with the original tags attached (hello 1990s?) and decided to wear both the thrifted cropped top and pom pom sandals that I featured in my Goodwill fashion show collection.


For this challenge, we asked our readers to recreate the look to win a necklace from Rings & Tings.
Fellow blogger Cookie from one of my favorite blogs joined the challenge for the second time. She nailed the March challenge and blew me away again this month! She styled this outfit for $11.


Susan from Akron shares the same love for the Village as I do! I absolutely love her $2 clutch. Her necklaces were either gifts or pieces she’s owned over the years and the rest is thrifted for a total of $13.50!
Thank you to everyone who entered and the other four ladies who wanted to and didn’t get the chance to this round. Both participants will be entered to win the necklace and a winner will be chosen at random.
Let’s head over to Something to be Found blog to see how she and her readers repurposed a chair for their challenge!

Denim jacket / thrifted / $2 / Salvation Army in Akron
Cropped top / thrifted / $8 / Village Discount Outlet in Akron
Beaded belt / aprox $5 / Gabe’s in Akron (several years ago)
Maxi skirt / $4 / JCPenney via Village Discount Outlet in Akron
Clutch / thrifted / $2 / Village Discount Outlet in Cuyahoga Falls
Shoes / thrifted / $2 / Old Navy via Goodwill in Middleburg Heights
Necklace / very old / price unknown
Total: $23

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