Plaid Poncho

 This poncho has made several appearances on Instagram so forgive me if you’re tired of seeing it, but I thought it deserved an exclusive post on the blog. I specifically remember a time about seven years ago when I strongly disliked ponchos so I’m not sure what quite changed over the years. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m really digging plaid this season and have never really seen a blanket turned poncho before. I’m totally convinced the person who previously owned this gem took a blanket, cut an opening and sewed in a zipper to turn into a poncho because when I picked this up I thought it was a blanket. I have already worn this to the apple orchard and to an outdoor movie, not to mention I’ve traveled in it and wear it to lounge around the house.



I think the key to wearing a poncho, cape or shawl is keeping everything else slim so try wearing your skinniest jeans or bottoms. A satchel bag works best considering you can’t really use your shoulders.




Poncho | Thrifted | $3
Jeans | Old Navy, Thrifted | $4
Boots | Kohl’s | $15
Bag | Vintage, Hartville Flea Market | $1
Chambray | Gap, Thrifted | $5


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