Goodwill Personal Thrift Shopper Styling Session

Thrift styling client, Jacqui in her thrifted dress and scarf from Goodwill Akron

Last month I had the pleasure of thrift styling Jacqui at the Goodwill Akron Midway store. Jacqui is actually an experienced thrifter who follows a lot of the same techniques I share on the blog. However, being a fitness expert who teaches cycling classes at a local gym, she often finds herself resorting to workout gear most of the time. She was she was seeking some thrifty inspiration and thrift pieces that she can incorporate into her existing wardrobe.

Jacqui wearing her new thrifted dress and blazer

Jacqui’s style can be defined as classic chic – think of Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel. These sessions are some of my favorites because classic pieces are the most fun to style due to their versatility. I kept an eye out for black dresses, structured blazers, effortless weekend wear, and pops of color.

Jacqui rocking her new vest dress

The Midway location is one of my favorite stores. I always find a mix of new and vintage items and their housewares are excellent. They also have a great purse selection.

Check out what we found:

  • BB Dakota faux leather vest
  • Pashmina shawl
  • Blazer
  • White House Black Market pencil skirt
  • Old Navy dress
  • XOXO Skirt
  • Ann Taylor blouse
  • Tee
  • Tunic
    Total after discounts: $26

I followed the same rules that I always stick to when thrifting by answering questions like: can she wear this three different ways? Can it be incorporated into her existing wardrobe? My favorite pieces were the black Old Navy dress and the BB Dakota faux leather vest pictured here. Both were classic, structured, and comfortable. You can see how we styled the black dress two ways just by using items I found at Goodwill that night.

Sorting through our finds
Jacqui making a grand entrance in her thrifted BB Dakota vest
Jacqui in her thrifted White House Black Market pencil skirt and Ann Taylor blouse and me

Jacqui was happy with her finds and her vest was a hit!  Also, thank you to Jacqui’s friend Bruce Gates for stopping by and snapping some photos!

Style sessions are sponsored by Goodwill Akron.

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