$1 Vintage Paisley Dress


I think if I had to narrow it down to a few of my favorite styles ever, I’d say long sleeve mini dresses make the list.  I bought this dress the first time I ever went to Givits for $1 and when my mom hemmed it for me she said she owned something similar to it in the 60s. Oh mama, how I would have loved to raid your closet 40 years ago.  Some people are really good at saving awesome pieces and I often tell myself to do the same just in case I ever have children and they share the same interests as I do, but then I go into a cleaning fit and curse myself for having a room full of things.  I wore this with a $5 necklace that I recently found at NY&Co during their 80% off sale and a pair of thrifted platforms that I’m getting ready to sell because I can’t force my size 7.5 foot into a 6 any longer.



Do you save or have you saved some of your clothing for future recipients? 
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