My Husband’s Practical Gift Guide

Let me preface by saying, my husband is a very practical man who plays guitar for a living, travels most of the year, enjoys cooking, and being outdoors. So sometimes it can be tough to find the right gift for him, especially on Valentine’s day when there are so many different gift options for your partner. However, I think I’ve managed perfectly fine recently. At least I know that he likes getting practical gifts. I found this bose 301 speaker and because I know he loves anything music related, I thought it would be a great gift! There were also some matching bose headphones which I just had to get because who doesn’t love a matching set? I also had the great idea of getting him a new watch too. I’ve been looking at the Best Invicta Diver watch and I think I’ve finally found the one I’m going to buy. It’s waterproof as well which will be handy in summer when we’re in the pool all day!

I know that life is a lot easier when your husband is happy with getting things like gadgets as a gift. And to be fair, you could easily check out this gift guide if that was the sort of thing that your husband was in to. However, I know that not every husband is the same. They all have different tastes, different things that they like. The worst is when you have a husband who just won’t tell you what they want. That’s always a struggle.

But hopefully, you are with a man who knows what he wants or at least is easy to know what he would like. Take my husband, for example, he is a very practical man, so I know that practical gifts are the best for him. If your man is the same, then keep on reading. Particularly if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift and your loved one appreciates a practical gift, this guide is for you! Here are Dan’s top ten favorite Amazon purchases in the last year:

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  1. Cozilife Chef Knife ($29)
  2. Extreme Heat BBQ and Cooking Gloves ($20)
  3. Packing Cubes ($22)
  4. Bose Bluetooth Speaker ($129)
  5. Cast Iron Wok ($50)
  6. Trunk Organizer ($50)
  7. Phone Car Mount
  8. Large Walnut Cutting Board (or any other high quality wood board)
  9. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones
  10. Laptop Messenger Bag
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