Leopard Print & Stripes


Surprise! It’s the return of the $1 leopard print top. Sadly, I don’t own a lot of basic shirts so when I saw this striped top at Target on Black Friday for $7, I knew I needed it.  Especially because I instantly thought of at least three different ways to wear it. I wear this outfit a lot – more than I’d like to admit. It’s just so easy. Because the look is pretty simple and casual, I always have fun switching out the necklace that I wear. Akron had a heatwave yesterday, as in it wasn’t 9 degrees so I was brave enough to take photos outside. Bump that, it was still cold, so until it’s at least 60 degrees outside, I’ll be in the parking garage.





Leopard print top / thrifted / $1
Striped top / Target / $7
Jeans / Old Navy – thrifted / $2
Bag / thrifted / $2
Necklace / thrifted $2
Boots / Target / $15
Total: $29
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