Inspired By: Middle Eastern Traditional Embroidered Dress

I came across this embroidered dress on the F21 website, and I immediately e-mailed it to my sister. We both made the same observation, this is almost identical to the embroidery of the Middle Eastern traditional dress, also known as a thoub.  These dresses, which date back several years, have  historically been handmade, with elaborate details in every stitch and design, are very common in Middle Eastern and some African countries. It’s interesting to see the cross between traditional, and religious eastern tradition cross over to western fashion, where F21 referred to it as boho chic.  I loved this post on a blog I found, where I also borrowed the picture of the thoub, it explains how Middle Eastern fashion designers are always trying to find ways to make abayas (which are more of a religious form of dress) and thoubs stand out from the next.

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