Inspired By: Karen from The Wonder Years (Olivia d’abo)

I’ve always loved The Wonder Years but have a newfound appreciation for the show as an adult. My sister and I have been watching back to back episodes of the 1980’s comedy / drama on Netflix and we find ourselves laughing out loud quite a bit,  and more often than not tearing up during some of the sweet Kevin and Winnie scenes. There were a lot of  aspects to the show that  flew right past me as a kid: the politics of the 1960s, the dry humor, and Karen’s style. Kevin’s older hippie sister, Karen was a free spirit with the coolest fashion sense. I think they did a great job capturing the style of the youth during that decade without over doing it and making it seem over the top. A lot of what she wore throughout the series resurfaced over the years and has become popular again i.e Nicole Ritchie, Haute Hippie and much more. To shop these items, click here.

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