Inspired By: Chaka Khan

 A week or so ago I happened to glance at my phone while listening to Pandora and instantly noticed Chaka Khan’s monochromatic outfit on the cover of her 1978 I’m Every Woman album. I was in love; the hat, the maxi, the hair – this outfit is everything! I knew it would be totally easy to replicate at the thrift store. I was right,  one visit to Goodwill and $9 later, my Chaka outfit was complete. I’m not really a hat person but I think this floppy straw hat will serve its purpose on a beach sometime in the near future. As for the skirt, I’ve already worn it three different ways (with a black tee and a striped long sleeve shirt) and plan to get the most out of it before the temperatures begin to drop.


Top: Moda International, thrifted $2; Vintage skirt, thrifted $4, Hat, thrifted $3; Sandals, Target $10; Necklace, Forever 21
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