How To: Layer Bracelets

{I love to stack bracelets with my watch}

Whether you like wearing your bracelets every day, only get your antique white gold bracelet out for special occassions, or have never worn them before, there’s no denying that bracelets are one of the most popular accesories and can add to any look. And I have always been someone who has loved wearing them! One of my favorite trends these days besides blue polish is layers upon layers of bracelets. Channel your inner Rachel Zoe as my sister likes to say, by piling on all of the bangles, trinkets, and wrist ornaments. Stacking and layering really enhances a simple look. I usually pile on the bracelets when I’m wearing a solid color or something that isn’t patterned or busy. It is so important to wear your stars on your wrist in order to let your personality reflect in the fashion choices you make.

1. Stick with one arm. Mix and match the bracelets on one arm. This is an already busy look, piling bracelets on both arms gets to be way too distracting. If you’re going to layer on both wrists, I suggest keeping one arm pretty simple with thinner bracelets or a watch. For example, a silver-plated bracelet from e-shops like Nikola Valenti and similar others can add elegance and glamour to your look.

2. Speaking of watch. Don’t hesitate to stack with your timekeeper. This has become the most common and one of my most favorite way to stack. There are so many ways you can do this: stack with similar colors (all gold or all silver) or mix and match with colors (ex. gold and white, silver and black, gold with beads etc) mix both bold and simple pieces with your watch.

{mix and match with your watch. She mixed black and silver, bold and simple pieces. Perfect!}

3. Thin, stretchy bracelets add more with less noise. These bracelets can add just the right amount of color and they stay put-which means you can stack as many as you’d like without them shifting up and down your arm every time you move, causing a whole lot of noise. Kind of like this.
4. Themes. Point number four and five are going to completely contradict each other. But that’s the beauty of this trend. The possibilities are endless. You can create a theme by stacking similar pieces together. This is a clean, more polished way of stacking. I like to do this at work. For example, a theme can be all silver bangles, or all beaded bracelets.

{silver bangle theme}

5. Break the rules and wear things you were told to never wear together. Like a friendship bracelet and a gold watch. Or, heaven forbid- gold and silver together. Pearls and chains, mixed in with a fuchsia bangle. An expensive piece with a 99 cent bracelet.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Dump all your bracelets out on the floor and you will be surprised to see how many actually coordinate well together. It’s okay to wear a set of bracelets that you bought from the store together, they were pre-coordinated for you, but why not add your own style twist to it by stacking them with something you already own?

{similar set but she added her own touch of style}
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