How To: Get Rid of Hair Static- 6 Static Solutions

My hair has been unmanageable for the last 2 weeks. Styling my hair has become completely pointless because I end up looking like I just got electrocuted. Wearing a scarf today was a complete joke. I am fed up with winter static. I need something that won’t weigh my hair down too much where it starts to look oily and greasy. A friend of mine suggested rubbing a dryer sheet on my hair. It totally worked {if you don’t mind smelling like laundry.} Here are 6 simple solutions.

  1. Rub a dryer sheet on your hair when static takes over. Leaves your hair smelling like fresh laundry, and the results are instant. There are a few “health” concerns with rubbing dryer sheets on the hair, but I honestly can’t see the harm in it if you do it every so often. {Bounce dryer sheets.}
  2. Spraying your hairbrush with a little bit of hairspray should tame your mane. You can also spray it directly on your hair but careful not to over do it or your hair will end up a tangled mess.   {Kenra super hold spray.}
  3. Apply a leave in conditioner after you wash your hair. This will lock the moisture in. {Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioner}
  4. Apply a small amount of static guard to your hairbrush prior to brushing your hair. Again, I’ve read that the chemicals can be harmful, but if you’re applying a small amount I don’t think you’re risking much. {Static Guard
  5. I’ve read good reviews on Sunsilk’s Winter products. This one claims to reduce static and frizz. Reviewers also raved about how soft and silky their hair felt after using this product, and that many buy it just for that reason. 
  6. Shampoo your hair with moisturizing products. I recommend Dove shampoo, they have an entire moisturizing line. I’m a huge fan of all Dove hair products. 
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