How to Fall Back in Love With Your Closet During a Pandemic

Six months of comfy clothes were all fun and games until we really started to miss our closets and quite honestly, almost forgot what it feels like to get dressed for the workplace.

It’s not always perfect, but here’s what’s been helping us fall back in love with our closets during a global pandemic, and how to slowly transition back to getting dressed for the workplace.

Our work-from-home / return to work closet tips

Get reaquainted with your closet.
I mean, really OPEN IT and get all up in there! I pulled out pieces I used to wear every day and haven’t even looked at in SIX months.

Try things on every week.
I like to take 20 minutes every week to try things on for two reasons: this helps me maintain a sense of creativity with my closet and helps me plan future outfits.

Plan out 5 outfits. Heading back to the workplace? Plan out five outfits in advance and try them on – now!

Dress casual at least 2 days per week.
Twice a week I’ll get fully dressed in casual clothes to work from home or to run errands. I’ve been opting for things that I used to wear all the time, like jeans, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits, rather than yoga pants and workout clothes.

Get fancy one day a week.
Once a week I play a little dress up with things I love but rarely get to wear now (and probably won’t have any place to wear them in a long time). Wearing things like an 80s sequin number or a dancing girl emoji inspired maxi dress have been a great mood booster.

Join closet challenges online.
Early in the pandemic I joined a couple of fun rainbow closet challenges and I continue to do the #12Monthsofthrifting challenge. It gives you something to look forward to.

If you’re working from home or returned to the workplace tell us how you’ve fallen back in love with your closet: @dinasdays @rethriftrodeucepodcast and @fatdontcrack.

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